Contemporary Art Masterpieces: ‘Infinity Mirror Room – Phalli’s Field’ ’

Inside the ‘Infinity Mirror Room’ we are confronted with an endless sea of red dots and organic forms. These forms are phallic like objects which protrude from the floor and appear to interweave each other like garden worms.  They are a collection of soft sculptural forms which have been painted with sequences of red dots. The works surround a small viewing platform in one end of the room. This space is surrounded by mirrors which reflect and repeat the forms into a mesmerizing optical illusion. ‘Infinity Mirror Room – Phalli’s Field’ was created by artist Yayoi Kusama in 1965. The work is part of a series of ‘Infinity Mirror Room’ installations which have been made over the course of Yayoi’s career. They are ground-breaking, immersive installations which create the illusion of vast, endless space through kaleidoscopic environments. Visitors become active participants by being reflected in the work. Yayoi’s ‘Infinity Mirror Rooms’ have influenced several contemporary artists and a trend of immersive installations in contemporary art. Her signature dots are obsessively repeated throughout the work and are used as motifs to respond to hallucinations Yayoi first experienced as a child. In 1977, Yayoi voluntarily checked into a psychiatric hospital and has proceeded to live and make artwork from this same site ever since.

The work is part of the Boijmans van Beuningen Museum collection in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

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