‘Professor’ by artist Hedley Roberts

Interview with artist Hedley Roberts for @floorrmagazine

“My work is all about what is not known, evident or visible. I’m really interested how we ‘know’ each other, how we assess our knowledge of each other, and how we continually renegotiate our relationship to each other. In neuroscience there is a claim that there is specific part of the brain that specialised in facial recognition. Neuroscience also thinks that the brain ‘sees’ and interprets new information from the eyes quickly by piecing together using prior knowledge. So our brains are not reading every detail about the persons face, instead its making an approximation from an amalgam of data. Also, when we interact with each other we have ‘a priori’ sense that the other person has consciousness, and has a human experience that is basically similar to our own. In actuality we cannot have empirical knowledge of their experience of being – we cannot truly ‘know’ the other person, we can only guess. Our human experience and our ‘knowledge’ of each other is always guessing at what is not visible.”

In conversation with artist Hedley Roberts. Read the full interview here;


Image credit: ‘Professor’ © Hedley Roberts

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