Artwork by Dorothy Cross @ Stoney Road Press stand G13

Highlights from the London Art Fair 2019

Here’s a round up of my favourite artists and artworks from this year’s London Art Fair.

Artwork by Ignacio Gatica

Ignacio Gatica @ Casanova Gallery stand P21B

Artist Ignacio Gatica presents several works at the Casanova gallery on stand P21B. The artworks are wall based reliefs taken from mocked up credit cards with the artist’s name imprinted on all of them. They’ve been arranged in an abstract pattern on the walls of the gallery stand. They seem to be a tongue-in-cheek comment on the finance and credit system and prevalence of personal debt.

Artwork by Kasper Pincis @ Dalla Roas Gallery Stand P6

Kasper Pincis @ Dalla Roas Gallery stand P6

At first glance Kasper Pincis’s work on the Dalla Rosa Gallery stand looks like a take on geometric abstraction or Op Art. Looking more closely, it’s possible to see that these geometric forms have been built up by layers and layers of typewriter text. Pincis has created these works by repeatedly overlaying type until the ideal image is reached. It must have been a painstakingly laborious task to build these images up over time. The results are a mesmerising example of control and patience. It’s fascinating to see the results of this dedicated process.

Artwork by Sean Molloy @ Gibbons&Nicholas Gallery Stand P5

Sean Molloy @ Gibbons&Nicholas Gallery stand P5

Ah! there’s nothing better than an idyllic old master landscape painting at Gibbons&Nicholas Gallery. But wait, something’s not quite right in these paintings by Sean Molloy. Maybe the screen needs a shake?! Molloy has painted in digital glitches to disrupt our nostalgic security. Will art disappear if the iPad breaks down?

Artwork by Goia Mujalli @ Square Projects Gallery on Stand P18A

Goia Mujalli @ Square Projects Gallery on stand P18A

Goia Mujalli is showing a series of paintings at Square Projects Gallery. Mujalli is a London based Brazilian born painter. Her works have a wonderful sense of movement and energy. The seductive use of vibrant colours and long, painterly brushstrokes draw us in. These paintings exude the warm, tropical atmosphere of the artist’s hometown in Rio de Janeiro.

Artwork by Enrico Minguzzi @ Chiono Reisova Art Gallery on Stand P26

Enrico Minguzzi @ Chiono Reisova Art Gallery on stand P26

Enrico Minguzzi has electrically super charged landscapes at Chiono Reisova Art Gallery. In this piece, the long grass in the foreground seems to have been set ablaze by an under layer of bright orange paint. There is a striking contrast between the deep colours of the natural forms and the intensely bright underpainting in Minguzzi’s paintings. This gives the work an eye-catching ferocity.

Artwork by Dorothy Cross @ Stoney Road Press stand G13

Dorothy Cross @ Stoney Road Press stand G13

Dorothy Cross’s eerily atmospheric prints stood out on the upper level of the fair at Stonley Road Press. These two-companion works are title ‘Darkness & Light’ and are luminescent prints on paper. A positive matched with a negative impression creates a compelling pairing in this display. The works are able to be viewed in darkness, behind a curtain which provides an even more powerful affect.

The London Art Fair is open between the 16th to the 20th of January at the Business Design Centre.

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