Interview with artist Douglas Cantor for @floorrmagazine

“A lot of what I do revolves around the concept of identity and I think having had to move and relocate both by choice and by force plays a big role in this. Geographical location is directly related to culture, and this in time heavily informs identity. Cultural identity comes with so much cultural baggage which can be very restrictive, so drastic changes of context sort of force change, which can be great ground for developing further, re-inventing and trying new things, in other words it can be the catalyser for a sense of freedom and a wider less restrictive perspective of existence. I grew up in Colombia but London shaped me, both as a adult and an artist, then having to give it up, along with the things I identified with to move to Berlin rebooted the whole thing again and allowed me access to yet another layer of perspective, all of this reflects in the work. I feel British, I feel immigrant, I feel Latino, that complexity adds layers to one’s identity and this helped me understand my own identity as a changing fluid process rather a still reality, this in time helped me get rid of a great deal of self-imposed rules that were restrictive to my work.”

In conversation with artist Douglas Cantor. Read the full interview here;

Top image: Brace Brace Embrace 2018 ©DoulasCantor


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